PNRD previous years GK Questions

PNRD previous years GK Questions: Today here we are going to provide you Previous years GK questions from the recruitment exam conducted by PNRD department back in 2018.For any other govt job updates, keep visiting and join our Whats-App group for regular job updates.

PNRD previous years GK Questions

PNRD previous years GK Questions

1) Who was the founder of Holy City of Amritsar?
Ans: Guru Ram Das

2) The coin ‘Rupia’ first issued by whom?
Ans: Sher Shah Suri

3) In which year capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi?

Ans: On 12th December, 1911

4) Which musical instrument is called Queen of Musical instrument?

Ans: Violin

5) In production of Rubber, what is the rank of India?

Ans: Fourth

6) Which state of India has largest area under forest?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh

7) Teak grows most abundantly in which state?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh

8)Who appoints/Elects the Speaker of the Lok Sabha?
Ans: Elected by the members of the Lok Sabha.

9) ‘My Experiment with Truth’ is written by?
Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

10) Where is the headquarter of UN is situated?
Ans: Geneva

11) SAI stands for?
Ans: Sports Authority of India

12) In which country did chess originate?
Ans: India

13) Soda Water contains?
Ans: Carbonic Acid

14) What happens when a body is brought to the surface of the moon?
Ans: Its weight will change.

15) What is Laughing Gas?
Ans: Nitrous Oxide

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