Assam Govt 1 Lakh Jobs 2021 Department wise vacancy List is now a days most searched things on internet by our job seekers from various districts of Assam. So here we are going to discus with you about the probable number of vacant post under various department of Govt. of Assam.

Assam Govt 1 Lakh Jobs 2021 Department wise vacancy List

Assam Govt 1 Lakh Jobs 2021 Department wise vacancy List

Newly formed Assam Govt is going to provide 1 lakh jobs to our unemployed youth within a year of the Govt tenure. Already Govt of Assam started their preparation to give 1 lakh jobs.

So now most of you are eagerly want to know number Assam Govt 1 Lakh Jobs 2021 Department wise

We on behalf of , going to provide you number of posts vacant in every department.

  • Home & Police = 15000
  • Agriculture = 1994
  • Industry&Commerce=662
  • Water Resources =3347
  • Panchayat = 2949
  • Education= 40000+
  • PWD = 1793
  • Transportation= 3014
  • Social Welfare =360
  • Plain Tribe & Backward classes= 6874
  • Excise = 203
  • Irrigation=326
  • Guwahati Development= 571
  • Education= 42000
  • Transformation= 719
  • Cooperation= 386

Total Post = 80857

As you can see total vacant post are nearly 80000, that means we can hope that more post will be created and the total number of vacant post will reach to 1 lakh. One thing is sure that Government of Assam is keen to fulfill its promise of 1 lakh jobs. So its only the time to start you preparation to be among the one of the 1 lakh youths.

But the data provided by us is not Govt authorised. The data provided by us is based on our various resources and it may not match completely to Govt notification which is expected to publish very soon.

We will keep providing timely update regarding the largest vacancy drive of Assam Govt. Please bookmark our website for any info in coming days. We will also try to provide you study materials so that we can help you guys a bit in your preparation.



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